Abby as she appears in Kirby Vs. Shy Guy.

Almost Bigger Boo (a.k.a. Abby) is a major character in Kirby Vs. Shy Guy. As her name implies, she is a Big Boo, but she's no bigger than Bigger Boo


Almost Bigger Boo (Abby) looks just like the Big Boo enemies from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, but her face is far more friendly (although when she was awakened, she had the angry face sprite).

Kirby Vs. Shy Guy

Almost Bigger Boo (Abby) is the spooky inhabitant of the Yoshi House. She was awakened by Kirby and Yoshi and quickly became friends with them. During the stage fight she appeared in, she helped Kirby and Yoshi out to defeat the Shy Guy Monster. It is also revealed that she has stage fright. She is somehow refrenced in some way every 100(3) comics.


Abby, being a spooky soul, usually relies on scaring. In "Abby's Army", she summons blue flames that burn the Shy Guy Monster. Kirby and Yoshi left their house and he now guards the house from any intuders.