Eggo-Dil next to General Guy.

Eggo-Dil is a minor character in Kirby Vs. Shy Guy.


Eggo-Dil originated in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, where it plays the role as an enemy. It has yellow spherical petals and would shoot them in all sorts of directions as its attack. Yoshi can eat the petals to produce eggs. Also, while it can't be defeated, Yoshi can perform a ground pound to make the petals fall off. It grows back a few seconds later.

Kirby Vs. Shy GuyEdit

Eggo-Dil, so far, has only appeared in Camp Chaos. In this episode, General Guy and his troops decide to rest, and General Guy sleeps right next to Eggo-Dil. It grows larger and General Guy lets off a big scream when it attacks.