Ice Kirby

Ice Kirby.

Ice is one of Kirby's copy abilities used in Kirby Vs. Shy Guy.


The Ice Ability comes from the Kirby series, starting with Kirby's Adventure. The ability was best known for allowing Kirby to freeze his enemies into ice cubes and kick them into other enemies. In Kirby Super Star, the ability returned with new attacks such as Ice Suction, which allows Kirby to inhale his enemies and spit them out at other enemies.

Kirby Vs. Shy GuyEdit


When Kirby and Yoshi got hungry, they went to Shiverflare Village to get ice cream. When Kirby swallowed it, he obtained the Ice Ability and he used Ice Suction to spit Yoshi and (strangly) himself back home to find their fort trashed.


When Kirby and Yoshi went with Duss T. into his storage room, they found a box full of goggles that they could use. But, Kirby carried the box, and it was heavy enough to squish him and make his ability bounce away. Yoshi then sold it to Duss T. for 1000 coins and they got the goggles.