King Longspear (woohaha!) is a character in Kirby Vs. Shy Guy. He is bitter rivals with General Guy. It has been noted every time
King Longspear(WooHaHa!)

King Longspear (woohaha!) as he appears in Kirby Vs. Shy Guy.

his name is mentioned his loyal dancers somehow get into the scene and sing "Woohaha!".

Kirby Vs. Shy GuyEdit

In the series, King Longspear (woohaha!) found Kirby and Yoshi worn out in jungle. He offered them a ride home on his Cruiser. He has a tribe of Spear Guys as his royal guards and dancers. One of them even showed him a Watchermelon, a type of spy technology that is used for spying on General Guy. Throughout the storyline, King Longspear (woohaha!) has Grinders spying on General Guy, but Moore keeps on eating the cameras. He also hired Agent 00X to spy on General Guy.