Lobster Bot

General Guy attacking the Yoshi House with his Lobster Bot.

The Lobster Bot is a robotic lobster that is controlled by General Guy in Kirby Vs. Shy Guy. It is also the first boss to be fought by Kirby and Yoshi.

Kirby Vs. Shy GuyEdit

The Lobster Bot appears General Guy Returns, where it attacks the Yoshi House. At first, its arms (called Mechs) prepared to attack the duo. However, the Mechs got into a fight and the arms broke off. Kirby and Yoshi later ended up in a battle against Lobster Bot on an RPG Battlefield. It got defeated when Yoshi used a Mech of his own to freeze it, and Kirby finished it off by smashing it with Yoshi's Mech.



One of the Mechs are able to spew out fire.


One of the Mechs are able to freeze things.


This attack was used by Lobster Bot during the RPG fight. It subtracts 3 HPts. from the enemy.