Plasma Kirby

Plasma Kirby.

Plasma is one of Kirby's copy abiltiies used in Kirby Vs. Shy Guy. It is the very first abiltiy used in the series.


The Plasma ability comes from the Kirby series. It originated in the popular game, Kirby Super Star, consisting of several attacks. Kirby could charge up his attack up to five levels: Plasma Needle, Plasma Arrow, Plasma Spark, Plasma Laser, and Plasma Wave. The enemy that gives this ability is Plasma Wisp. The Plasma ability also appears in Kirby Air Ride.

Kirby Vs. Shy GuyEdit


Kirby obtained the ability in General Guy Attacks, by swallowing General Guy's ray gun. He then used it to his advantage by shooting a Plasma Needle. Even though this is the weakest charge, it was enough to blow up General Guy's Giant Robot.


In Making a Home, Kirby and Yoshi were building a home. However, General Guy was attacked by a Chain Chomp and he was chased in the middle of the duo's business. The Chain Chomp bumped into the house, and Kirby, causing him to lose his ability.