"The Quest for Ice Cream" is the eleventh episode of Kirby Vs. Shy Guy. It contains strips #82-93 in the series. In this episode, Kirby and Yoshi go to Chill E.'s Ice Cream Parlor to get ice cream.

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Kirby and Yoshi get hungry and decide to go get some ice cream. BG Bandit sneaks inside the fort as they leave. Kirby and Yoshi get to where Chill E.'s Ice Cream Parlor is, but it has moved to a different location, according to the Speaker Block. So, the duo have to follow the rope and into a pipe that leads them toward the ice cream parlor. They end up in a cold area of ice blocks and Kirby spots a Yoshi Bubble. Kirby goes for it, but Yoshi informs him that it's "for Yoshies only". So, Yoshi grabs the bubble and becomes Helicopter Yoshi and offers Kirby a ride. He then touches a Yoshi Block and returns to normal. Yoshi claims that he's found the ice cream parlor, so he and Kirby follow another rope. Bumpty tries to give them a warm welcome to Shiverflare Village, but Yoshi is in a rush, so Kirby tells him that Yoshi always gets grumpy when he's hungry. An explosion occurrs and Yoshi tells Kirby that he ran into someone and they hit a Bob-omb. A Shy Guy gives Kirby a Melon for 5 coins before he catches up to Yoshi. Meanwhile, BG is hosting a party at the fort. Kirby and Yoshi finally make it to Chill E.'s Ice Cream Parlor and get their ice cream. Kirby challenges Yoshi in an ice cream eating contest and get a brain freeze. Kirby swallows it and gains the Ice Ability. At the party, Snifit destroys part of the fort, and this causes Yoshi's "Fort Senses" to tingle. So, Kirby comes up with a quick way to get to the fort faster: Ice Suction. This causes BG's "Somebody's coming" senses to tingle and he commands everyone to scramble before they return. General Guy makes a random appearance at the end, where he is shown eating a Gusty.

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