"The Hunt for the Bandit" is the fourteenth episode of Kirby Vs. Shy Guy. It contains strips #123-135 in the series. In this episode, Kirby and Yoshi capture BG Bandit.

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After testing all of the goggles, Yoshi suggests that he and Kirby build a trap. Yoshi wants to make a wall out of the box, much to Kirby's dismay. Kirby adds in that there should be bait. So, Kirby and Yoshi decide that Scooby & Shaggy should be (sacrifised?) used as bait, but they flee. So instead, they paint the box, and Kirby uses the X-Ray Visor to see through the wall and spot anyone that comes by. Yoshi puts a stack of coins to lure BG. Meanwhile, General Guy and his army try to get home, but a lake, where the Lunge Fish patrols is in the way. While Kirby and Yoshi are still waiting, a Koopa Troopa passes by and prepares to take the coins, but Yoshi eats him. Then, Grunt comes by and sleeps on top of the coins, but Yoshi eats him, too. But Yoshi becomes sick for a little while and spits Grunt out, because he's "poisonous". Meanwhile, General Guy's army packs up the treasure they found and use a log boat, using Moore as the engine. A Grinder is later about to take the coins, but Yoshi sits on him. BG Bandit finally comes and tries to take the coins, but is foiled by Kirby and Yoshi, who corner him and a battle begins.

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