Construction Kirby Kirby is trying to fix this articl- No, Kirby, it goes over there.

"Battle with BG Bandit" is the fifteenth episode of Kirby Vs. Shy Guy. It contains strips #136-239 in the series. In this episode, Kirby and Yoshi fight BG Bandit.

Characters PresentEdit


Kirby's StoryEdit

The episode starts off with Kirby, Yoshi, and BG being teleported into a new stage. Kirby uses the Scan Visor and learns that the Bandit's name is BG and this makes him and Yoshi laugh. BG hides behind a board and smacks Kirby. Yoshi states that it's unfair, but BG says that's the point. Kirby and Yoshi attack him a few times and BG hits Kirby again.

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