"General Guy Attacks" is the second episode of Kirby Vs. Shy Guy. It contains strips #6-10 in the series. In this episodes, General Guy attacks Kirby and Yoshi with his Giant Robot.

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An angry General Guy pursues Kirby and Yoshi with his Giant Robot. Kirby, remembering his Swallow attack, tries to eat the Giant Robot, but General Guy zaps him with his Ray Gun. Then, Kirby filngs Yoshi on top and then he kicks it, but it also doesn't work. General Guy, who yells, "GET OFF!" (which is his first line), shakes them off and drops his gun. Kirby swallows it and becomes Plasma Kirby. Kirby shoots and Plasma Needle and blows up the robot, causing General Guy to fly away and land on a mountain. General Guy gets angrier and declares war on Kirby.

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