"General Guy Returns" is the fifth episode of Kirby Vs. Shy Guy. It contains strips #26-43 in the series. In this episode, General Guy tries to get revenge on Kirby and Yoshi.

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General Guy starts toward the Yoshi House with his Lobster Bot and the Mechs attached to it try to destroy Kirby. However, they get into a fight and destroy each other. Kirby and Yoshi try to escape, but General Guy's Army catches up to them. Yoshi gets an idea and uses the Google Web and types in the word: "BOMBS". Bombs fall from the sky a blow up the Shy Guys. Abby gets furious that her house is getting destroyed and calls in her own army to defeat the Shy Guy Army. Later, Kirby (mysterious) gains the Fire Ability. Just before he fights General Guy's Lobster Bot, everyone (except Abby) is teleported on a stage with a large audience. Kirby tries to burn the Lobster Bot, but it is fire proof, though General Guy's hat catches on fire. The Lobster Bot kicks Kirby and an audience member throws a coin to him. Kirby gets jealous and wants someone to throw something at him. But, instead of getting an item, a rock is thrown at him. Then, Yoshi finds a Mech of his own and freezes the Lobster Bot. Kirby grabs it and smashes the Lobster Bot, causing it to collapse. General Guy, knowing he's lost, runs away crying. Afterward, Kirby has to use the bathroom, so he does it behind a bush.

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