"The Search for General Guy's Base" is the seventh episode of Kirby Vs. Shy Guy. It contains strips #51-60 in the series. In this episode, Kirby and Yoshi meet King Longspear (woohaha!).

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Kirby and Yoshi say bye to Abby before setting out on their adventure. Kirby suggests that they go search for General Guy's base. Kirby looks under many rocks before find the base. He finally does, and hops in, along with Yoshi. However, when they get in, it's revealed to be a cannon and they get launched out of it and into a jungle, where they are taken to King Longspear (woohaha!). Kirby wonders about why his dancers always sing, "Woohaha!", whenever his name is mentioned, and King Longspear (woohaha!) tells them that they are his royal dancers. He then offers the duo his Cruiser to ride home. Kirby and Yoshi both agree with the idea.

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