"Camp Chaos" is the ninth episode of Kirby Vs. Shy Guy. It contains strips #68-78 in the series. In this episode, Kirby and Yoshi set up a camp, but things go downhill when a mysterious someone is stealing their shelter.

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Kirby and Yoshi, being miles away from home, decide to set up a camp. Kirby gets the supplies, while Yoshi sets up the tent. Kirby gets some snacks at Duss T.'s Store. At night, Yoshi asks Kirby to pass him the food, but it mysteriously goes missing. It's actually BG Bandit, who's hiding behind the tent. However, Yoshi blames Kirby, because he was the closest to the snacks. But, later, BG spits grape stems directly behind Yoshi, and Kirby thinks he ate the food. After a short arguement, a burping noise is heard and BG throws the chicken bone away. Kirby and Yoshi now think a ghost is behind their tent, so Kirby checks, but BG has already disappeared. After this, the duo think it's just their imagination and they're just tired, so they decide to hit the hay. General Guy also does so, right next to an Eggo-Dil that attacks him. Kirby then has a strange dream about shapes and wakes up to notice that their tent is gone. Once again, it was BG Bandit.

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